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Jottify is an online community which allows people to share, discuss and sell anything they have written.

The website comprises innovative tools for creating, organising and sharing literary works with the web-using world. It allows writers to categorise their works into chapters/scenes/sections and, incorporating some of the Internet’s finest open-source projects, it is a word processor tailored for writers, accessible from anywhere in the world.


Oddballs and Social Misfits

Oddballs and Social Misfits.

What’s in a name?

As a writer I have used the pseudonym ‘alan gregor’ (lower case) since the early eighties.

Using the name Charles Alexander may be confusing as there are a least two Author Poets, in America and one ex-editor of Time magazine who share this name.  A holiday company, a Barrister, a model and several others are also registered in the commercial word with the name ‘Charles Alexander,’ and possibly countless others.


“. . .Oxymoron was ever the bravest figure, and we must not forget that disorderly order is order after all.” G. Gregory Smith.


If you attempt to pronounce the word that heralds this statement you may find your mind in a fankle and tongue in a twist.  It is one of those words which are meant to be used in textual form, rather than articulated.  A word invented by a 19th, early 20th century Scottish literary critic named G Gregory Smith and you will find a paragraph of his explaining what he means by it on Wiki.

Why have I mentioned antisyzygy?  It is a word that I have always thought accorded well with how I feel about life, others, myself, and is the spirit in which I believe the best literature is written, the best pictures are painted, films directed and so on – antisyzygystycal.

Life is polarised, made up of opposites, thesis and antithesis, black and white, God and the Devil. Hegel moved in false philosophical mode when he dreamt up synthesis.  In following Hegel’s model, Marx analysed history wrongly and caused the very thing he believed he was curtailing. The workers encircled themselves in chains and embroiled themselves in a despotic theory.

Laurel and Hardy, Peter and Christopher Hitchens (sadly deceased) David and Young Nick.  Tony and Gordon. Rest my case.


He who is not busy living is busy dying, sang Bob Dylan.  Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards. Soren Kierkegaard.

None of us will know why we are here until we have been. However we can live in such a way that we won’t get too hung up on the whys and by the time we’ve been, it will be too late to worry. All the best!